Cateran Trail Relay Weekend

27-28 MARCH 2010

The 2010 Westies Extravaganza took place in Spittal of Glenshee. Three teams of intrepid Westies set off at 8am from Gulabin Lodge, and raced 55 miles no holds barred in a clockwise direction. Blairgowrie was the turn-round southerly point, and in between we ran over Mount Blair, past Kirkton of Glenisla, through the Den of Alyth, popped in to the Bridge of Cally Hotel and up Strath Ardle before cutting over at Enochdu to An Lairig for the final descent down to Spittal of Glenshee. It was a great day out in super scenery, with great company. In the evening we enjoyed fantastic home-baking, soups and mains and the odd beer and whisky. On Sunday a few of us enjoyed a wander up Ben Gulabin behind the lodge, and rounded off a fine weekend with some reviving tea in the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel. A massive vote of thanks to everyone who helped put it all together - John, Fiona & Chris for their hours and hours of planing; all who brought along great home baking and food; and everyone there for their good company.


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Posted by John Donnelly on Sun 28 Mar 2010 | 5 comments

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  1. Dave said...

    An excellent precis of an superb weekend. My only quibble is John's comment that "a few of us enjoyed a wander up Ben Gulabin behind the lodge". That may well have been the case for JD, David, Jane and some others, but for the highly-focussed and finely-honed athletes in the club, such as Hamilton and myself, it was a proper hill run and we battled against strong, gusting wind traversing the northern slopes of this fine hill.

    The Cateran relay itself proved to be in the finest traditions of the club with poor navigation, fumbled changeovers, crocked newcomers and missing runners all featuring highly between the coffee stops and general bonhomie. The lead changed hands at least 5 times in a closely fought challenge and the only disappointment was the absence of barbed and acidic inter-team verbal jousting and needle a la McLaughlin/ was all far too nice!

    Roll on the next extravaganza, what's it going to be? How about Hadrian's Wall?

    Thursday 1st April 2010 1.27pm

  2. Ellie said...

    I enjoyed the chocolate crispie thingies.

    Wednesday 7th April 2010 6.59pm

  3. Hamilton said...

    Nothing like getting a good few hours sleep before the big day was upon us. Well, as it happened, there was nothing remotely like a good kip.

    So, if it's barbed comments yer after Mr.............

    Of course we will,as ever, be the epitome of discretion,i.e. no names mentioned (so that's alright then?).

    Finding a suitable room in the Lodge threw my stuff on a bed (no other beds taken at this point please note). Soon to find myself homeless - thrown out by "they two burds". Ooot ye go Semple the stairs are good enough for you. Well, actually they were terribly pleasant about it,but that just dos'nt make good copy.
    So, finding another room was no problem,but what's this?.....from the only other occupant in the room.......a whole symphony of snoring,accompanied by a watch alarm sounding every 10 minutes.
    Would you Adam and --- it. No probably not.
    Gentle reader this was surely going to be a long,long,long night.
    Nae rest here then.
    Homeless again, best thing may have been to start the race at 2 a.m. No no, dreaming again.
    Another room found and all was quiet.........surely this was it ......sleep at last. Two fast asleep, excellent. This is it.
    2 minutes later a snorer arrived. Would you credit it. Give up - slept on the lawn. You could'nt make it up, or perhaps you could.................

    Friday 9th April 2010 1.45pm

  4. Chris said...

    Dave - Hadrian's Wall looks a good idea.
    84 miles of trail from Bowness on Solway to Wallsend on Tyneside
    Official website

    Friday 9th April 2010 2.35pm

  5. Adrian Swall said...

    No est plowterus via meum exceptus tu coffus upus tributii maximus. Or elsus!

    Saturday 10th April 2010 7.27pm

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