Simon Triger

Many of you will now now have heard the shocking news that our good friend Simon Triger died on Mont Blanc last week, aged 31. Despite being a highly experience climber, Simon was unexpectedly caught out and trapped by a severe storm, and was unable to be rescued.

Simon was a rare and unique character. He never had a bad word to say against anyone, and seemed on a mission to spread positive energy into the world, and get the most possible out of his life, packed to the brim with non-stop outdoor adventures and experiences.

It is hard to imagine not seeing Simon again. His good humour and laughter always brightened up every club run, even in the depths of winter. Simon will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Photo tribute to Simon

Simon Triger 2008

Posted by Chris Upson on Mon 15 Sep 2008 | 61 comments

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  1. Ellie said...

    I can only echo what Chris has already articulated so accurately. Simon was indeed a special individual, and our lives will be so much richer for having known him. Simon's positive energy and uncomplicated lust for life had the effect of putting the day to day worries and moans that so often bog us down into perspective. I loved the way he was inspired by the world around him and was determined to explore and experience it. I admired his attitude and enjoyed his vivacious company massively. He will be sorely missed by the club. My thoughts go out to his family, for whom his death must be simply devastating.

    Monday 15th September 2008 9.19am

  2. John Hutchinson said...

    Tragic loss is an overused phrase but not in the case of Simon’s untimely death. Talking with him about is passions, be it climbing, running or canoeing always brightened my day and left me feeling motivated to do more. I would listen to his matter of fact descriptions of winter weeks when he had multiple trips up the Ben interspersed with white water canoe trips that were recounted in such an unassuming way that it was only afterwards you appreciate his energy levels and talents.He was a man I looked forward to meeting and it is difficult to express the sadness I feel that this is no longer possible. We will not have the pleasure of his smiling face or the benefit of his enthusiasm.I am left with the small but important solace of the memories and I will not forget the example he set.

    Monday 15th September 2008 1.24pm

  3. Robert Gibson said...

    I am a very detached member of Westies and certainly did not know Simon well, however when I did speak to him he made a big impression. He had all this youthful strength combined with infectious joyful enthuisiasm not only about his sport but also his academic life. As you get older gradually more of your old friends die, but the death of this fine young man, not even at his prime, I have found very cruel. His very zest for life was the antithesis of death. He was clearly a gentleman and he very much merits a lasting memorial.

    Monday 15th September 2008 1.47pm

  4. Elsie said...

    I haven't known Simon for very long but he made a big impression on me, he was so kind, friendly and enthusiastic about everything. I really admired and looked up to him, for both his climbing and running. His death is such a sad, sad loss. I will miss his cheery smile at Westies run and his shouts of encouragement at races.

    My condolances to his family.

    Monday 15th September 2008 4.35pm

  5. Steffen Gorgas said...

    I did not shed a tear when my beloved grandmother died many years ago. I do not often cry. Perhaps boys are brought up not to do that. But I did on Saturday night when the tragic reality sunk in.

    Monday 15th September 2008 4.36pm

  6. scott mckendrick said...

    i had the pleasure of chatting with simon after a few races this year and i can see in many of his tribute pictures what i found when i spoke with him.those closest to him will take comfort in the many kind words shared and look back with pride on simons life and achievements and the way he touched on so many thoughts are with his family at this time.

    Monday 15th September 2008 4.42pm

  7. Matthew Bull said...

    Simon and I shared common interests of climbing, paddling, biking and running. It was always a joy to be able to chat to someone with so much energy for so many different activities. His infectious enthuiasm and great attitude towards life in general will be sorely missed by all who knew him. My thoughts are with his family.

    Monday 15th September 2008 4.43pm

  8. Graham K said...

    Since Friday evening, I have been trying to figure out how to say what words cannot explain...Monday afternoon and I still cannot. The comments from fellow Westies above probably about cover how we all felt about Simon.

    Looking through the photographs, I have come to realise that maybe my maybe words are not really neccessary - Simon's personality and passion for life actually comes through in all of the images ...a very rare and special quality indeed.

    I have a huge bag of memories of a great guy and will miss him hugely.

    All thoughts are with his family and all who were lucky enough to share a bit life with him

    Monday 15th September 2008 4.43pm

  9. Chris said...

    Likewise with Steffen, I do not cry that often, but I can tell you that tears were streaming down my face as I put together those photos of Simon, and remembered shared times that will never be repeated.

    Monday 15th September 2008 5.08pm

  10. Tom Smith said...

    I met Simon through running, and spent a lot of time with him running in Westies and at the university. I only knew him for a year, but in that time I felt like he had really become a real friend, his positive attitude to everything rubbed off, and I always enjoyed his company. I couldn't get enough of his stories from all the sports, climbing, mountaineering etc, and his achievements really inspired me. When I raced against him the competition was fantastic.

    Simon was a great person to be around, and I will miss him, I only wish I had more time to have known him better. It will be hard to come to terms with going back to Westies, on Friday runs from university, or being at the climbing wall, and Simon not being there. He was an amazing personality and will be missed by so many.

    Monday 15th September 2008 5.22pm

  11. Scott Kennedy said...

    Reading the news over the weekend, I can only say that I was shocked to hear of such an untimely and tragic loss.

    I didn't know Simon particularly well, more in passing, with the odd quick chat here and there at hill races. I remember chatting to him after the Stuc race earlier this year, and also sharing a word or two with him after the Arrochar Alps race. I can honestly say that I never, ever saw him with anything other than a smile on his face...he truly seemed a happy-go-lucky, cheery character who I'm sure will be missed by all who knew him.

    It's probably the case that a few of my own clubmates crossed paths with him during this year's Bog & Burn Series, and will have the same sort of memories of him that I have. So, can I wholeheartedly express sincere condolences, on behalf of myself and everyone at Bellahouston Road Runners, to Simon's family and all of those lucky enough to have shared any time with him.

    Monday 15th September 2008 5.23pm

  12. Muffy said...

    I just can't believe that I won't see Simon's cheeky smile and bouncing step at the next run, nor will we share lifts and laughs. I remember trips to Comrie and Arran, and how he could turn an ordinary wednesday night run into good fun. He was always smiling. He had become part of our Westies family and I will miss him. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    Monday 15th September 2008 5.35pm

  13. Johnston said...

    Such a sad loss. As noted by many others, Simon always seemed to be cheerful and that happiness and enthusiasm rubbed off on all around him. I particularly enjoyed the club runs with Simon, and when our paths hadn't crossed for a few weeks, he always thought to ask how I was and what I'd been up to.

    Looking back through the photos that Chris has assembled, it was impossible not to shed a few tears as I realised that there would be no new photos to add in days to come - no day of laughter in the Arran sunshine with him next summer, no reward of his grin at the summit for the Wednesday night slog up Ben Venue, but I'm glad that I did have the pleasure of meeting Simon and sharing those happy times with him.

    My condolences to his family and friends.

    Monday 15th September 2008 6.14pm

  14. Jenny Edwards said...

    How can someone you have known for only a year make such a vivid impression and cause so much glee. Simon was that person. He was warm, friendly, ever enthusiastic and caring - a sun beam in the miserable Scottish weather. My memories of Simon are that whilst running with the Westies on a Wednesday evening, you could guaranteed that at some point he would have run alongside and chatted with everybody, always checking that the less speedy of the crew were still bouncing along in style - oh, and the constant yoga stretches!

    The weekends news was horrible and left me in a state of disbelief. My thoughts are with those who were close to Simon.

    Monday 15th September 2008 6.34pm

  15. Jason said...

    The weekends news left me with a heaviness and a sadness which has surprised me given how long I have known Simon. As Steffen has said his loss has had an impact which in 23 years of climbing and hill running not many have had on me. However the words which I think of and which seem to be repeated so many times above are 'smile', 'bounce', and 'life'. Simon had and exuded these in abundance, he seemed vital, intense, interesting and always interested. I only knew him through the club, and we chatted on runs and at races, sometimes in pubs. All these will seem slightly diminished for sometime.

    Monday 15th September 2008 7.17pm

  16. Jason said...

    My thoughts and condolences go to Simon's family and those who knew him well.

    Monday 15th September 2008 7.20pm

  17. Don said...

    I met Simon for the first time at Kaim 2 yrs ago, and what came across to me that night was that he was someone enjoying life to the full. He was easy to strike up a converation with, and i quickly realised that he was a jack of all trades, with his climbing and kayak skills. It also became apparent to me that him and i were to very similiar hill runners - average on the climb, but crazy descenders. Consequently, many of our encounters involved a bit of banter on the ascent before we worked out who could be the biggest loony on the way down. One of my lasting memories of Simon will be of him going arse over *** at Ben Lomond but still smiling back at me as he slid backwards down the grass! Yip, that cheeky infectious smile was never far away. Another personal memory of mine that kinda sums the guy up was when i appealed for volunteers to help clear the path at BL.. Simon was one of the first to get back to me, and on the night, he could not wait to get at those pesky trees! He was never one to boast, but i asked him once about that fantastic Cuillin run he did on Skye. Some of the routes he solo-ed free style involved some seriously exposed climbing that frightened the hell out of me, but typical for Simon, he just played it down. I keep thinking that I will meet him at the next race for another battle, but deep down i know i won't and it hurts like hell. I am sure in years to come, he will be looking down on me as i race downhill, and wth that big smile on his face, will be saying, go on Don, stop descending like a big Jessie!Simon, I will miss you a lot.My thoughts are with his family and all who knew him.

    Monday 15th September 2008 9.43pm

  18. Stevie McLoone said...

    Our heart felt condolences from everyone at Greenock Glenpark Harriers to Simon's family, and friends at Westies. We at GGH lost a well loved friend who was killed in a motoring incident whilst out running just a few years ago, and i can imagine you are experiencing the same shock, numbness, disbelief and sadness that enveloped our club over that period.All our thoughts are with you at this sad time.Stevie McLoone GGH Secretary

    Monday 15th September 2008 11.32pm

  19. Hamilton said...

    In the main photo of Simon on the blog is the essence of a man completely at ease with himself and with his environment. The smile and the "bounce" as he approached,although this running style was changing. We are all clearly devastated by Simon's passing and it hurts so much.Our thoughts are with Simon's family at this painful time.

    Monday 15th September 2008 11.50pm

  20. jd said...

    It's hard to add anything to the eloquent and heartfelt comments above. The true mark of someone is how much they are missed when they are gone, and Simon is sorely missed. Rest in peace pal.Some of my photos to remember Simon by are here

    Monday 15th September 2008 11.58pm

  21. Bill said...

    Very sad news. Simon always seemed to be smiling, full of good cheer and plenty of bounce. A very likeable guy who I'm sure lit up many lives. He will be missed.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 12.28am

  22. Rich said...

    Simon was an inspiration. He lived more in his 31 short years than many people do in a whole lifetime.

    Words can't express our loss. Thoughts to all those who were closest to him.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 9.38am

  23. Manny said...

    The wonderful thing about TrigersIs Trigers are wonderful things!Their tops are made out of rubberTheir bottoms are made out of springs!They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncyFun, fun, fun, fun, fun!But the most wonderful thing about Trigers isI'm the only one

    A play on words by AA Milne, but pretty accurate of Simon I reckon.

    Our annual club trip Loch Ossian just won't be the same without the "Alpha-male" in the gorilla mask!

    Sadly missed for sure.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 12.35pm

  24. Sara Triger said...


    Thank you so much for your kind words and beautiful flowers. Not much can comfort us, but to hear how much Simon touched the lives of all he met is certainly a help. We also had a good laugh at some of the running photos on line. Also, during his time in Glasgow he made many wonderful friends and loved his life there.

    He has now been recovered from the mountain and will soon be on his way home.We will hold a funeral for family and close friends but will also arrange a memorial service at a later date to which all will be welcome.

    We can be contacted at

    Sara and Jennie Triger (Sister and Mum)

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 1.03pm

  25. Brenda said...

    I have not known Simon for a long time but he was always very friendly and from all the pictures I have seen he certainly knew how to enjoy himself.

    Thoughts are with his family and girlfriend right now.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 2.40pm

  26. Owen said...

    Simon was a great man, always full of energy and a real warm hearted guy.

    From the first day I joined the Westies Simon was there introducing me to people, lifting and laying me and making feel at home. We shared car journeys, curries and a good few laughs.

    A true gentleman.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 4.40pm

  27. Donald said...

    My deepest condolences go out to family and friends. I knew Simon through Glasgow Hash and rock climbing, and will miss his infectious enthusiasm towards everything he took part in. It's such a shock to realise that we won't get to share our lives with him any more.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 6.01pm

  28. Peter Duggan said...

    Saw this terrible news on UKClimbing on Sunday and responded there, but still want to add my condolences to all those above.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 6.53pm

  29. Gill said...

    Simon was such a very special person. At Glasgow Hash he would be up with the front runners, yet still find time to join us slow joggers and ask what we'd been up to at the weekend. I will miss him greatly.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 9.12pm

  30. Mimi said...

    I think I met him about half a dozen times when I went along to the Glasgow Hash House Harriers to social/sporting events, he was your friend immediately and so full of enthusiasm for everything, it was uplifting. The photos say it all, that cheery grin was always in evidence as he lived life to the full. He's left a big gap.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 10.20pm

  31. Sara said...

    I knew Simon from work, he was a wonderful character, always always smiling.. even at 8.45am walking to his office on a Monday morning !It was really hard seeing the guys at work today, not only looking ruined... but without cheery Simon by their side...

    Simon you have inspired me to get fit. I started on Sunday by going to the gym and my muscles are now aching so bad I can barely move! All I can say is I hope you are laughing at me!

    My thoughts are with Simon's family and closest friends, who I can only imagine must be hurting massively.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 11.10pm

  32. Trevor said...

    He never stopped smiling and made everyone smile in turn. His overwhelmingly positive approach to life is something i'll aspire towards. Bounce in peace Simon.

    Tuesday 16th September 2008 11.39pm

  33. Nige said...

    If you are up there mate I hope you're having fun. See you sometime later.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 7.37am

  34. Chris Johnson said...

    A truly special friend who will be sorely missed by all. I had the pleasure of spending two summers in the Dolomites sharing a room with Simon and I couldn't have wished to have a nicer, fun and kind room mate. He was of course an amazing athlete but he also had a heart of gold and was always a pleasure to be around. He continued to be a great friend and it was with a heavy heart that I heard the sad news at the weekend. There will never be another one like Trigger, a special guy who brought a smile to all who met him. Thanks for everything Trigger

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 9.24am

  35. Pat said...

    Can't really add much more to what's been said already. A terrible loss of such a fantastic, generous, genuine nice guy. Will miss his cheeky grin at the Stevie supercircuits class on Thursday evenings. Thoughts and deepest condolences to all his family and friends

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 10.15am

  36. Jude Weston said...

    Like Chris above, I was lucky enough to spend two summers with Simon in the Dolomites, I as a chalet host and he as my helper, or " kitchen gimp" as he always described himself. His passion and joy for life simply oozed from him and the enthusiasm with which he always talked about his endless activities, his work, and his friends and family was truly amazing. He was a true genuine friend who would somehow find time in his completely packed agenda to drive miles out of his way just to have a cup of tea and a catch up.... it was so important to him to keep in touch with everyone. The memories of those evenings in the Auberge, Arabba, the huge grin, the laughter and the inspiration for challenges and adventure that he passed on to all our guests sitting around that big table are very special. At the moment it is impossible to believe that he is no longer with us.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 11.00am

  37. Phil said...

    Trig was a true legend who I had the pleasure of climbing/skiing/running with in the alps, scotland and the peak on many great days. He was one of those guys that you just bump into all the time in the outdoors in some far flung place. Since he moved up to glasgow he seemed to accelerate into his activities more than ever(if that's possible) and he seemed to do something every day of the week.

    I was laughing to myself thinking about coming back from a week's knackering skiing at midnight on sunday in march after we had driven back from chamonix.... trig had left his car at my house and was due in work at 9 the next day. So he just got in his car and drove back.Unfortunatley I live in Sheffield!

    Of course he managed work the next day and also hashing on the monday night! He did say he was a bit tired though.

    Or there was the day in february this year when I said I was off climbing on the ben, he couldnt make the full day but fancied a 'quick walk' so set off from glasgow in the morning, met us at the CIC hut after chasing us up (we had a forty minute start on him!) and walked with us up gardyloo before popping off up the top through the chockstone as we went off to do a route high up. He was in a bit of a rush as he had to go out for a meal and dancing that night so just fancied an easy day!!!!!

    It's a shame to think we wont have any more days like those, but the ones we had will always be great memories.

    R.I.P trig.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 12.27pm

  38. Helen said...

    Simon always made me smile because he always was. I hope you were til the end, Simon. Like everyone, I will miss Simon's infectious enthusiasm for everything.I have a favouorite memory of him launching himself onto the tarmac at the entrance to the Ben Lomond car park to demonstrate a "weird stretch" I might like to try and, as always, having a great laugh about it.My thoughts go out to family and friends.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 1.45pm

  39. Nick Malden said...

    I first met Simon only in March this year on a skiing trip in Chamonix. The others I knew beforehand had told me of the legendary Trig, his boundless energy and his awesome climbing/running/cycling/kayaking record. If I'd expected someone with an ego to match, I couldn't have been more wrong. Simon was one of the kindest, most modest men I've ever had the privilege to meet. He didn't have a harsh word for anyone, and his enthusiasm and positive energy infused everyone around him.

    We got on so well that he came on my stag weekend in May, and as with everything, he threw himself into the weekend's activities with 110%. Some happy memories of Simon from that weekend are shared here:

    It's so hard to believe he's gone, but in the short time I knew him he left an indelible, happy and positive impression.

    Rest in peace, Simon. You are sorely missed.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 1.49pm

  40. Graham B said...

    Like a few who have posted above, I never had the chance to get to know Simon really well but before and after a run his enthusiam and cheerfulness was infectious. When I was on marshalling duty at the top of Ben Lomond or in the Arrochar Alps he was instantly recognisable from a distance by his big grin and after last year's Xmas do he bounced (it's the B word again) up behind us to see if we knew of any parties so he could prolong his night's enjoyment.I hope the obvious high regard we all held for him will bring some comfort to those who will miss him most.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 1.55pm

  41. Graeme GrimOrr said...

    Like Robert Gibson (comment no.3) I hardly knew Simon, but he was a leading light of a new generation of Westies who expanded the concept of the club from running to a complete adventure experience - as life should be. Exactly a year ago, a young cousin of mine died in a tragic accident. Again, I recall a student of mine, a talented runner and mountaineer, who was caught in a lethal "white-out" near Aviemore some years ago. He made it - just - to safety, but his friends were not so fortunate. Such occurrences are hard to take; perhaps a positive way to look at Simon's death is that we'll always remember a lad who was in his prime, at the "top of his game".

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 2.46pm

  42. Jacques Penderis said...

    Like everyone else in Westies I have found it difficult to accept that Simon has gone. I will miss his zest for life and ever-present wide smile, as will everyone fortunate enough to have known him, and my thoughts are with his family at this difficult time.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 4.41pm

  43. Crawford said...

    very shocked and affected by hearing about Trig. Don't know what to say other than I feel very emotional about it and that it is hard to grasp that those obscenely large calf muscles wont be bounding over the heather any more.

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 6.19pm

  44. cat said...

    The news about Simon seemed untrue at first, and even now I'll still expect him to come bounding around a run - with a cheery smile and an epic tale of his latest adventurous weekend antics! He'll be greatly missed and my thought go out to his family. However, I suspect he'd not like us to be moping so from now on "bounce more" will be the motto! We have had lessons from the master!

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 6.23pm

  45. Charlie said...

    Cat, that’s how I feel also – Just waiting for Simon to come running round the corner with a big cheesy grin on his face and saying “Ha, I fooled you all there didn’t I, now let’s get a curry and a beer and I’ll tell you the story”. Alas, we sadly know it’s not going to happen. Yes, Simon wouldn’t want us being too greitin faced so maybe the next time we are bouncing down the slope at the end of a hill run, or the kayak bouncing off the rocks in the white water, or whatever other outdoor pursuit, we’ll remember our pal Simon and a big smile will break on our faces. See ya later dude…

    Wednesday 17th September 2008 8.31pm

  46. Stuart Burns said...

    The stretches – I don’t think I’ll look at a “trig” point in the same light again. Quite a fitting memorial for a guy who obviously loved being at the highest points in the land.

    Thoughts are with those closest to Simon.

    Thursday 18th September 2008 11.02am

  47. Gillian said...

    Like everyone else in Westies I have found it difficult to accept that Simon has gone. When I think of him I think of someone who was a lovely friendly guy with a zest for life and constant smile, which were infectious. I can't even start to imagine how much Kate and his family must be hurting ,my thoughts are with them.

    Thursday 18th September 2008 11.46am

  48. Paddy said...

    Simon was possibly the most genuine guy I have ever had the privelage of knowing. He had such enthusiasm for life. I was lucky enough to kayak with Simon for a few years at Glasgow Uni Canoe Club. I remember his attitude to me was always "come on Paddy, if I'm doing the rapid then you are as well!" We'll all miss him terribly. My thoughts go out to his family.

    Thursday 18th September 2008 12.18pm

  49. Sam Chandler said...

    The news of Trigger's death just seemed so unbelievable - I haven't known what to write and looking through these replies certainly makes hard reading, although it’s made me smile a lot. Cat's hit the nail on the head and 'bounce more' will definitely be the motto!

    A truly wonderful friend at University and in the Dolomites. Nothing was too much trouble and everything he did was with a wide eyed grin on his face. I really struggle to accept that he is gone.

    One of the best days I spent with him was on the Marmolada in the Dolomites – I went over early Wednesday morning to get the Sunrise and walk in. Trig, not content with just doing the West Ridge and Marmolada on his day off, roped in Scott Hall and rushed off with a couple of others to climb the Via Ferrata delle Tricnee on the Tuesday night, bivi, then descend 400 metres, at sunrise, to Lago Fedaia before charging up the 1300 metres of ascent up the Marmolada and West Ridge Via Ferrata. They caught me up at the start of the Ferrata and we spent the day chatting away in the sunshine and having a grappa at the top! The descent was quick and the beer tasted good in the Rifugio on the way down. Trig decided a bit of skinny dipping was in order at the snout - much to the amusement of by standing Italians! I think I’ll have a Quattro Formaggio on the weekend in his honour (usually the pizza he ordered – unless challenged to an eat off!).

    Trig – you’ll be sorely missed – Love to Jennie and Sarah and all his friends and family.

    I have found a few photos which typify Trig’s zest for fun, life, the mountains and his friends.

    Thursday 18th September 2008 1.50pm

  50. Paul said...

    Our thoughts and condolences are with Simon's family and friends at this sad time.Lochaber Athletic Club

    Thursday 18th September 2008 8.37pm

  51. Dorothy said...

    It is hard to think about Simon without smiling, he was one of those special people who actually made the world a happier place. I will forever remember his patience as a climbing teacher, his humble re-telling of some amazing feats, and his exuberance on the dance floor (and ceiling) of the Badia.My thoughts go out to his family.

    Friday 19th September 2008 6.31am

  52. scott hall said...

    I often think of the great times I had with Trigger in the Dolomites over a teriffic summer. The many pratical jokes and heavy nights at the Bad Idea could never have been possible without him. A alround great guy, friend and teriffic person.Many thoughts go out to Simons family and friends from all around the world.


    Scott Hall

    Friday 19th September 2008 7.17am

  53. Jon said...

    I knew Trig from the Dolomites as well. We spent a couple of seasons working out there, and whenever he was around, people were laughing. He had this incredible enthusiasm and love of life, and even now he inspires me to get out into the mountains and simply enjoy myself. He will be missed for many years to come, but I am sure that wherever he is now, he is busy scampering up huge chunks of rock, before returning to some party, drinking a cocktail, and dancing to an unheard beat.

    Rest in Peace Trig


    Sunday 21st September 2008 8.53am

  54. Val said...

    Just back from holiday & am staggered & upset by this tragic news.

    Difficult to add to the many expressive comments from those who knew him far better than I. To me he was 'Tigger' - bounce, life, laughter. Always interesting and interested, & never too short of breath for a cheeky crack while racing.

    It is hard to believe that that cheeky smiling face won't rock up for the next run - an example to all on embracing life - you touched us all Simon.

    Your memory will always 'bounce'.

    Thursday 25th September 2008 7.09pm

  55. Rob said...

    Just back from holiday and struggling to take this in.

    A great guy with an infectious grin, always a warm welcome and a seemingly limitless enthusiasm for treating life as an adventure. Time spent with Simon was always a pleasure.

    The world seems a duller place tonight, but I'll treasure happy memories of running and racing in the hills with him.

    Thursday 25th September 2008 9.21pm

  56. Christine said...

    I've just been reading all the emails and tributes to Simon having just returned from holidays. A lover and generous sharer of life is how Simon came across to me, all the more cruel that life be taken from him in this way. Like fellow club members, I will remember him for his ready smile, his bouncy run, his love of mountains and his interest in people, but I will also remember him for being spirited and selfless enough to join me in the 'after a sherry or two', crazy, wild dancing at the Westies Corran bunkhouse weekend - not many people did that!

    My heart goes out to his family and partner, who I hope in time, will take some tiny bit of comfort in the knowledge that Simon's life added so much colour to so many other people's.

    Tuesday 30th September 2008 11.54am

  57. Kenny Liew said...

    I was shocked to hear this news.. although I haven't seen Simon for ages (close to 5 years? ) nevertheless I do know him. I used to sit beside him in the office while we're doing our phd.My condolences to his family. He's a good guy. I remembered having seen the movie, Vertical Limit - I told him and Steve C to watch it as they're both avid climbers, only to have them laughing at the movie later. They said, if we're to jump like those cliff hangers, you'll find our arms hanging by the cliff while the body plunged towards oblivion!

    I will miss this chap.

    Monday 6th October 2008 9.25pm

  58. Neil Palmer said...

    Last time I saw Triger was almost 15 years ago in school in Sheffield. At the age of 16 you are not quite sure who you are, but it seems Triger was.... He was just as happy and free in spirit back then, and it seems we were all lucky to have crossed his path.

    Speaking with a few of his ex class mates, everyone is shocked. We remember him as such a lovely lad, and it appears he was a wonderful man reading these genuine comments.

    God bless and condolances to your family and friends Simon

    Wednesday 8th October 2008 10.56pm

  59. Craig Wolstenholme said...

    I have known Simon mainly through his younger brother's Richard and Michael whom I was good mates with. Jenny and Sara - we are all so sorry to hear about Simon....we only found out the devasting news yesterday when flicking through the Telegraph. What I remember about Simon is that he always had such a bright and cheerful personality, and was able to give support to his family whenever it was needed. I remember bumping into him on Ecclesall Road a few years back and even though I hadn't seen him for ages, he still stopped to have a chat. I was just speaking to mum literally a few minutes ago and she said he was so good at supporting Jenny and Sara at Michael's funeral particularly. He also had bags of ambition, and even after a dreadful fall a few year ago whilst climbing, he still perservered and got back to doing what he loved best.

    Simon - you will be greatly least all the boys will be together now.

    Once again, many condolences to Jenny and Sara.

    Craig Wolstenholme. P.S. Mum said she will be in contact with you soon Jenny.

    Sunday 12th October 2008 7.14pm

  60. Jennie and Sara Triger said...

    Thankyou so much to Simon's many friends who have sent cards and messages to Sara and myself.Many don't have addresses for me to reply, but just to let you know your support is appreciated and it does help.Also we really like seeing the photo's of Simon in action on the various runs, especially as there was no way we could ever keep up with him .The only time he ever kept still was when he was eating or watching football (but he was still doing his yoga stretches as well ).He obviously had a great community of friends in Glasgow and all over.All good wishes and our thanks

    Jennie and Sara Triger

    Thursday 16th October 2008 12.11pm

  61. Greg Glass said...

    Tremendously sad news to hear about Simon. Forgive my delayed condolences, as I'm just hearing about this now. I spent a summer working with Simon in Italy and he was just about the most cheerful individual one could imagine - a pleasure to be around, and a personality that we all took a lot from. Thinking on Simon only brings good memories and smiles - and there's not much more one can ask for.

    Know he'll be missed around the world.

    Greg GlassSan Francisco, California

    Tuesday 10th February 2009 4.06am

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