Clydebank 5km

You'd think that a short race would be easy, but the 5km around Clydebank almost took more willpower to complete than some of the longest hill runs. A short blast through Clydebank then back along the canal it was a fun, if knackering, run.

The race field lined up and seemed to be full of whippet like club runners, all pitting themselves against their PBs and assessing their early season speed. I was scared, since I start every race as slow as a tardy tortoise there was a danger my legs wouldn't have got into 1st gear before the race was over and I'd be beaten by one legged fat superduper vets. I decided to do the old style Upson and go out as fast as I could. Lungs near to exploding and heart pounding the speed was strangely unproportional to the effort, or indeed the pain! And it only got easier near the end when I passed an encouraging '200m to go' mark on the canal towpath and mustered up a lethargic greyhound effort at a sprint finish! Think I just managed to pip the ever present Tommy from Greenock and his clown suit and bucket. The wobbly legs thanked me for the shortness, but the heart and lungs are still recovering from the sudden over-exertion!

Bill seemed to fare better as, futher up the field, he sped away nicely at the start and seemed to keep a speedy pace to earn a satisfying PB. Well done.

Posted by Cat Miller on Sun 16 Mar 2008 | 8 comments

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  1. Bill said...

    Cat does herself an injustice! Not so long ago she was hobbling about on crutches and taking strong painkillers for her leg. And here she is running a very creditable 5k time barely recovered and with the minimal of training.

    I was about a minute further up the field hoping to get under 20 minutes since I haven't really been training as much myself as I have done before. I was happy to get a PB of 19:07 so under 19 mins for the 5k will be my next target. Cat finished in 20:16 so I'm sure she can get under the 20 minute mark next time.

    Results here:

    Sunday 16th March 2008 12.42pm

  2. Johnston said...

    Well done to you both. Bill, that's well inside my 5k PB, so I think I'm going to have to train hard to keep up with you on the roads this year!

    Sunday 16th March 2008 9.04pm

  3. HelMac said...

    Sounds like a long-busting time to me. Well done to you both with what seem to me like extremely creditable times.Not sure when you were running but Tommy from Greenock was putting in an appearance in his clown outfit at the Sport Relief mile today at Glasgow Green around about 12.15. Last time I saw him was at the GNR Sept 07! He fairlu gets around.

    Sunday 16th March 2008 11.00pm

  4. Bill said...

    Thanks guys. I think we're pretty evenly matched Johnston so the next race we're both in should be interesting!

    Monday 17th March 2008 9.17am

  5. Chris said...

    Well done Bill & Cat!Remember the Polaroid 10k Series kicks off with Helensburgh 10k on Thursday 22nd May.Four 10k races in quick succession!

    Monday 17th March 2008 10.55am

  6. Ellie said...

    Aye, well done both of you, and it's so good to hear that you (Cat) are going from strength to'll be in parfect fitness to boost the female teams for the hill season at this rate...keep popping those pills!

    Monday 17th March 2008 11.52am

  7. Antonakis said...

    Yeah, think I've heard of the Polaroids........

    Monday 17th March 2008 7.59pm

  8. Jason said...

    Well done both of you. Good to see you both out and that Cat's slow steady drip of racing is paying off. See you both at more club runs soon hopefully.

    Tuesday 18th March 2008 12.09pm

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