Cort ma Law

62 runners turned out for the Westerlands Cort ma Law race despite light showers and moderate to heavy midging. This field was slightly larger than in recent years so I was concerned at one point that we might run out of car park space. But it meant that I can make a donation to Lomond Mountain Rescue who turned out en masse in support.

The start-line celebration of Peter's passage into supervet dotage seemed to cheer people up and they all trotted off happily. Dunno much about what happened up on the hill, but they all came back undamaged.

First place went to Matt Williamson (Bellahouston) in 52.17. David Riach was second man and first V40 and Westie in 52.38. Angela Mudge took 1 minute 20 seconds off Tracey Brindley's 1999 record, finishing in 5th place overall in 53.17 and just behind Chris Upson (second Westie at 53.02). Other Westerlands prizewinners were Val Houston (third overall and first V40), Elspeth Scott (second V40), Helen MacPherson (first V50) and Donald Smith (first V60). Westerlands (Riach, Upson and Bonnyman) beat Bellahouston to the team prize. The full results will be on the SHR web-site.

Unfortunately I had to disqualify the first 2 finishers who had cut the corner, in all innocence I think, rather than continuing all the way along the fence to the final stile. Rather more frustratingly there was also a little bit of grumbling (not unprecedented I gather at this race) at registration about the full body cover rule (despite its application to all AM and AL races) and at least one chap got told off for ignoring the instruction.

Apart from that I hope that everyone had a rewarding evening. A big thank you to Stevie, Fiona, Pauline, Rob Gibson and Charlie for marshalling, Pat for sweeping, Dave C, Margaret T, Victoria Reid, Eddie and Karen MacPherson for time-keeping, Isabel and my wife for registration and results, Peter and Elspeth for the cake and in Peter's case the cabaret, and everyone else who helped set things up and take them down again. Next year I will bring a book to read.

Kenny R and the Bell boyDavid R and Cap'n Chris being 'Mudged' !The race record holder - JSBig Alan about to run into the trig pillar...Stef G, Val H, John D (of the Duffy variety), and .... ?John D (of the Scrooge variety), Tom S, and Jim H...Keith ADonald SGrim indeed, but at least he's beating the auld 50 git at the backElsieJohn HJohn H's left arm being closely chased by AnnaHelen MacThe DrewmeisterThe Sweepers, Pat and Ellie

Posted by David Riach on Thu 21 Jun 2007 | 9 comments

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  1. Wooden spoon (cc, :0 ) said...

    Thanks Dave R for organising, continuing on the good theme where Blair left off. I think however you are donning your Scot Exec hat and being fairly diplomatic on the midgie front – that’s definitely the worst I’ve experienced in my ten years of the Crow road carpark. I just managed to get to the Cort trig in time for a brief t-shirt & jacket change (fat, sweaty B.), put out the little markers flags, and then spotted the leaders in the distance coming over the hill. A rather difficult time trying to write down runners numbers with pencil and paper in one hand, whilst trying to take photos with the camera in the other, hence the rather few and random nature of the pics (actually surprised I managed to get any in shot at all). From the trig, it looked like it should have been Bella’s team prize on the guy’s front, never mind the women, but hey, what do road runners know about hill races – obviously not the right route. Only kidding. No doubt Bella will bury the Westies nose in the infamous Cort-to-Lecket bogs next year. How about a grudge match !?

    Thursday 21st June 2007 8.59pm

  2. Graham K said...

    A top night out ...despite getting chewed by the wee beasties.

    Cort ma Law was one of my first hill races and remains a favourite - the bog section is just silly !

    Big thanks to Dave R and everyone involved in the race. The marshalls are most often first on the hill and last off.

    Even managed to take a bit of my PB :-)

    Thursday 21st June 2007 11.57pm

  3. Chris said...

    Well done David Rogers for putting on a fine race. Just a pity that the first 2 runners had to be disqualified... I'm sure the last time I did this race, the runners in front jumped the fence and cut the corner - but perhaps not as much as this time. Maybe an extra marshall is needed on that fenceline in future to prevent this happening....... Although you did quite clearly say at the start not to cross that fence!

    Well done to all 22 Westie runners who took part. Must be something of a record turnout. And a great run by Angela to beat the 1999 record - even with the extra detour at the top of Lecket Hill !!

    Friday 22nd June 2007 12.23pm

  4. Chris said...


    Friday 22nd June 2007 12.24pm

  5. David Rogers said...

    The route should also have been clear from the map handed out at registration, but I think next year I will try an extra marshal and a new sketch map with numbered checkpoints and an 18-point bold instruction not to cross the fence until back at the same stile crossed on the way out.

    Failing that we should get the fence electrified.

    Friday 22nd June 2007 6.19pm

  6. :-) said...

    Think we will need to get the fence Bella-fied as they will be out to kick our big black W ass next year. First prize to them should be a day out to the National Outdoor Centre at Glenmore Lodge - for a map reading course!

    Friday 22nd June 2007 8.06pm

  7. Chris said...

    I like the electric fence idea.

    Friday 22nd June 2007 8.06pm

  8. jd said...

    Yes, what a cracker of a race. Many thanks to Dave and his merry band of helpers. My fifteenth race on Cort Ma Law, and faster than my last few efforts. That was mainly due to the gut-wrenching efforts to beat ex-Westie Jim Hall in the last mile or so. I had got in a decent warm-up for a change so I did not suffer from the dreaded dead legs/lungs syndrome at the start. After reeling in Birthday Boy Baxter I settled into a decent slog up the ridge, just ahead of Jim and Murdo with Val and Graham just easing away from me on the way to the trig point. On the boggy messy trod to the Leckett Jim went past and this spurred me into chasing him from then on, rather than lapsing into my usual trance-like state of steady plodding. After the massive detour to the new Stevie Bell appointed turning point, I hared off after Jim down to the gully and back up to the stile. With Jim and Helen Stuart of BRR in sight I tried to squeeze some extra effort out of my weary legs in pursuit of them. I caught Helen and then really upped the effort to get Jim, just managing with a final mad burst to haul him in just before the line, despite him tripping me up – I just bounced off the grass and back up again – and got revenge for my Goatfell defeat. My heart rate monitor showed that I had averaged 163 bpm for my 61m 21s effort, 90% of max! Just shows you what the sight of an old man in tartan shorts can do to you!!

    Friday 22nd June 2007 10.10pm

  9. Chris said...

    A few photos at the finish posted here

    Saturday 23rd June 2007 3.19pm

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