Durisdeer Hill Race

It was great ....why more people don't do it is a mystery. We had 10 miles of hills, grassy slopes, near vertical descents, scrambling ascents, clambering through waterfalls (maybe this was my poor route choice!) and endless navigation to try to stay on course. It's a stunning part of the country and, once you've clambered up or plunged down the steep slopes, it is really enjoyable running. To top it all, when you get to the finish there's some of the best tea and cakes in hill racing. Alan Smith was the mens winner, Shirley Singh was first lady. DavidR was the only other Westie there and mixed it with the front runners to finish well placed in 6th (good going for his 2nd race of the weekend). I was 2nd lady and, as there were no other senior women there, had the honour of receiving a gigantic quaich with ornamental deer handles - it's one impressive trophy!

Maybe next year we can get a Westies posse along - it's a really good run with something for everyone.

Posted by Cat Miller on Wed 20 Jun 2007 | 4 comments

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  1. JasonStillLost said...

    Well done both of you on an impressive weekend. Hope the deer quiche tasted nice!

    Wednesday 20th June 2007 3.01pm

  2. Dave Scott said...

    Greetings to Westies from St. Louis, Missouri. I have good - or at least vivid - memories of this run, even though I only did it once, 13 or 14 years ago. As it was the first running of the race, nobody knew where they were going, and when the lead group went the wrong way, I found myself in the unusual place of being in the lead (for a while). Then I nearly died of hypothermia on the last hill as it was snowing, and I remember the village hall for its warmth as much as the tea and cakes.

    Saturday 23rd June 2007 3.03am

  3. MannyG said...

    Ahh, Mr Scott!I remember this tussle well, and as you say, the snow and mist.The highlight for me that day was the minister starting the race after his service and an epic tea party laid on by the church elders.Those were the days...When will you grace our races again?

    Saturday 23rd June 2007 4.11pm

  4. Dave Scott said...

    Manny,Well, I am still running and one of these years I hope to co-ordinate a visit home with a hill race. I will be in Inverness later this month but I don't know of any races. I am at

    Monday 2nd July 2007 12.12am

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