Had a great start and climb to top. Nursing a foot injury for full week before the race. The ridge to the summit was absolutely freezing. I made the mistake of not wearing my leggings. This would have saved me a lot of time on the descent. When I turned for the return my legs were frozen solid. Took full ten minutes before I could get moving properly again. I took a poor line off the hill over large scree which I couldn't get skiing' in. Picked and pottered my way down. Was about 1-1½ mins ahead of Tom Ross at the top but when I got below cloud level again Tom was about 2 mins ahead of me!! Managed to make up a bit of time across the moor but still ended up 4 secs slower than last years time. Was very pleased that my foot and both ankles stood up to battering very well. Great dance and party afterwards in the Sligachan Hotel.

Posted by Manny Gorman on Mon 30 Nov -0001 | comments are closed

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