Great run for me. First race of '93. Long hard slog up Black Hill, with a very very steep but heathery descent down to Dalveen Farm, follow rough stony path around the base of Steygail. Drop down a steep gully into Upper Dalveen, cross main road then a very steep climb up to Caplow Rig. Misty. Myself and 3 others went right too early and contoured around the hill instead of going to the summit and following the boundary fence as shown on the map. This left us with a hard steep climb up to the top of Well Hill where there was a lot of lying snow. Very cold. I think our detour was actually quicker than the actual official route and certainly more sheltered. Another steep descent down to the track and a long fast charge to the finish. Weather was cold wet and misty all day. Well pleased with my position. My legs beared up great. No problems.

Posted by Manny Gorman on Mon 30 Nov -0001 | comments are closed

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