Strahaven Run With The Wind Half Marathon 2018

Luckily on the day it was mostly Run Without Any Wind. Except for miles 7.5-9 where it was Run Into The Wind.

A brutal course this one. The description had the first half being ‘mostly’ up-hill with and the second half being ‘mostly’ down-hill. ‘Mostly’ does a lot of work in the second part of that sentence, as it felt like there was a lot of ‘up’ throughout. Four Westies toed the start-line – two with beards and two without for a well-balanced team. 

I was in front with Douglas Roberts for the first couple of miles, then John Sharp overtook us taking DR with him and then Mark over took me, opening a gap of c100ft, and that was how it stayed for the rest of the race. I pushed hard from the start, maybe over playing my hand slightly for the first three miles, but managed to hold a decent pace throughout. Miles 7-10 were tough with head winds and stitches to contend with and the rest was just the usual road-racing grind.

I could see Mark slowly closing the gap between him and Douglas Roberts at about mile 11, making for a competitive finish. I wished him well but knew I there was no way I was going to be able to catch them. A quick glance behind at mile 12 saw no-one in sight so I kept a steady effort to the end, crossing the line in 4th place with a new PB.

Well done to Mark for the podium position – well deserved!


1)    John Sharp (Inverclyde) 72.33

2)    Douglas Roberts (University of Stirling Triathlon) 74.15

3)    Mark Sutherland 74.24

4)    James Callender 75.05

82) Graham Kelly 98.12


Sorry I missed the fourth Westie in the results – where are you?


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National Masters Cross-Champs 2018

McCaffrey Triumphs as Young Turks Falter


Dean Park in Kilmarnock is the cross-country course of legend. Mud and glaur, endless undulations and a stormer of a hill make it a trail not for the faint hearted. Holding the race on a gloomy Saturday afternoon just added to the sense of foreboding. Perfect was the collective view of the Westies old crocks.


In the women’s 6k event, Lorna was the lone Westie Wimmin and made it all look too easy as she coasted in with a fine finish, looking fresh as a daisy. Grimorr, though described neither as fresh or daisy-like, added to the feeling of optimism in the V70s event, run at the same time as the women’s race. Looking like an athlete operated by a master puppeteer, Grim nevertheless had one of his finest performances for years, finishing not too far behind Gibbie Fleming’s nemesis Bobby Young. 70 must be the new 30 for Grim as he held off a challenge at the finish from erstwhile Westie Pauline McAdam.


So it was that the ‘young’ Westie men took the field nonchalantly for the start of the 8km event. If Lorna and Grim could make it look so easy, why not them? Pre-race talk had been about whether Thurlbeck or Calder would be first Westie home, but it was Galloping Gordon McCaffrey who sped off from the gun, quickly establishing a lead over the rest of the Westies pack. First Dave Calder tried to catch him, but after a mile or so, his legs buckled in the mud and it was left to Ian Thurlbeck to take up the challenge, pulling Gordon in gradually before succumbing to the last hill. So, Gordon was first in, with Ian 15 seconds behind and a faltering Dave finishing well over a minute later. Meanwhile, Chris Furse had run a sensible and steady race, looking totally unfazed at the finish as he stayed well ahead of Don Reid, perhaps running his last race before turning V60? Don managed to stay ahead of XC Cap’n John Quinn, thereby avoiding a repeat of his Hamilton humiliation earlier in the season. John clearly found the going had; his normally cool and baldy pate was positively glowing as he headed towards the finish. Last Westie in was Andrew Fullwood, who looked like he was enjoying himself FAR too much!


A great event over a real Scottish cross-country course. Thanks to Cap’n Quinn for organising, cajoling and encouraging us all, and to Lorna, Grim and Helen Mac for cheering us all on as we battled around the bog.




6000m, Women and Men >65


Lorna Mahoney 29:59 13/32 WV50

Graeme Orr 35:12 6/7 V70


8000m, Men <65


Gordon McCaffrey 36:15 7/28 V60

Ian Thurlbeck 36:30 17/53 V50

Dave Calder 37:52 13/40 V55

Chris Furse 39:00 43/61 V45

Don Reid 41:22 26/40 V55

John Quinn 42:08 30/40 V55

Andrew Fullwood 45:54 46/53 V50



Westies Men’s Team 50-60 8th Overall

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Captains Diary in the run up to the Burdens

Nov 1st: Send out email asking for names… Blink… 46 unread emails saying people are keen.

Nov 20th: Starting reading through emails and assigning teams, this involves a 36 dimensional equations that even Gwyn would be proud of.

Dec 9th: Chat with Sam who adds 11 additional dimensions to the planning equations.

Dec 25th: Enjoy Christmas day by putting teams together

Jan 1st: First of the dreaded I’m not going to be able to run emails.

Jan 9th: Send out email for finial call for entries… Blink… 28 unread emails.

Jan 12th: Send out first draft of teams to the committee so I can shift some of the blame on them if things don’t work out.

Jan 15th: Meet with Leyre to discuss teams… more blame shifting.

Jan 19th: Send-off entry forms!!!

Jan 20th: Shit… 3 teams are falling apart

Jan 23rd: Cursed team is identified as the Mens B team… In the end the team lost, Rob H (moved to A), James C (moved to A), Me (moved to A), Neil A (flu), David F (Flu) and Johannes C (accidentally ran in the early start). But proud to say the team still finished!!

Jan 26th: By the time I’ve replied to one whatsapp, I’ve received 6 new emails.

Jan 27th 4 am: Wake up at in a panic… check phone… everything is OK

Jan 27th 6:30 am: Alarm… check phone… no emails… relax a bit.

Jan 27th 7:30 am: Leave for Falkland… phone is beeping the whole way but I don’t look… turns out it was my mum texting, she’s working in the Gambia for 6 weeks and was sending photos!

Jan 27th 9:10 am: Registration is sorted and I think the teams are all OK. The hall empties a bit and I get a moment to relax a little. The logistics of the day are a mess especially with the men’s B team but I think we can pull it off.

Jan 27th 10 am: I head off for my warm up. I run out to the start with Jasmin Paris and it’s good to just have a friendly chat.

Jan 27th 10:30 am: Shit I’m running for the A team… how did this happen. I’m not ready for this…

Jan 27th 11:00 am: I’m gutted, I feel like I’ve let the team down. I just wasn’t at the races today. Probably could have been a minute faster…

Jan 27th 11:01 am: Right new shoes are laced up, time to run for the B’s. Off the start I feel broken.

Jan 27th 11:45 am: This is AMAZING!!! Gregor and Mark are in First and look like they are Flying!!!

Jan 27th 12:30 pm: I wonder which car is Brian’s… Of course… It’s the biggest in Kinnesswood.

Jan 27th 1:30 pm: Back in Falkland, how am I ever going to get this beast parked!!! Brennan taps on the window and lets me know we won… YASSSSSSS… right I’m just going to abandon the car here and Brian can deal with the consequences.

Jan 27th 3 pm: Most of the teams are finished and westies have pulled off a stomper of a day… the woman came 3rd and V60s won… Quite sure we were the loudest in the hall too.

Jan 27th 8:30 pm: Arrive in the Islay Inn… get pint… down pint!!!

Jan 28th 10 am: Wake up hungover but happy…

 Thanks to everyone for making this fantastic day happen. Huge thanks especially to those who ran two legs (Lorna and Brian Bonnyman) and to Maya for roping her Dad in at the last minute.

Now we just have to defend out title next year



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Feel the Burns

Report from Andrew Fullwood:


A poetic race report from the back with apologies to the Bard and anyone else with good taste.


Eight Westies left the west coast

To the east and south to Selkirk

A race for the Bard in the Borders was determined to take place

The laddies four in number

Two Davids, a Chris and an Andrew

Ably matched by the lassies

Charlotte, Elizabeth, Sophie and let’s not forget Leanne.


Feel the Burns had been shortened because of the lying snow

As we slipped along to the start line it still promised a tough eight miles

More snow was forecast later, just about the time they would shout go


Near two hundred toed the line at noon

All keen for the lying snow

Off up the icy forest road, thinking of the end…

To sprint downhill on stony ice or best to take it slow?

Soon onto the hill we ventured icy road was soon forgot

As we wound away past powdery snow in a trod cut for the slow

A few flakes started falling as we congaed up Peat Law

Then on up to Three Brethren afore a gallop down the hill

The height hard won was quickly lost and the snow was getting thicker

Across the valley and up a rise the snow here was much thicker

Two ringing marshals welcomed us and urged us further on

Down again to the bottom of Foulshiels but rocky paths tempered the snow


A drink and jelly baby were kindly offered to help us up the hill

The steep snowy staircase of Foulshiels saps the strength of the legs as we go

And as we get to the top in the snow

A herd of black cows look disgusted by the human fools in the snow


The wind now was whipping the snow in our eyes as down one last time we did go

Not easy to see but at least you’re assured that a fall should be soft in the snow

Over a stile down the next field and then over the fence to the road

The wind now has gone and the vision returned as we stretch our legs out for the end

On the road where we started a little more grip in fresh snow

So a dash to the finish a few places to swap

A man in his simmet having a really good go


The racing now over and it’s back to the club for a heat

Super-fast Westies were still hibernating or waiting for Beelzebub

So Bog Trotters took prize haggises home but all were well rewarded for their efforts in the snow

 A prize for all. A haggis Pie

And soup for chilly bones


Maybe next year there’ll be less snow, further then we’ll have to go,

But either way it’ll be a great day and for haggis prizes we will run.

Well Done One and All!


Christopher McKiddie – 1.27.15

David Atkin - 1.28.23

David Rogers - 1.29.36

Sophie Philbrick - 1.31.11

Charlotte Heath - 1.34.52

Elizabeth Adams - 1.38.58

Andrew Fullwood - 1.42.13

Leanne Cooke - 1.53.00



Feel the Burns 2018Feel the Burns 2018Feel the Burns 2018Feel the Burns 2018Feel the Burns 2018Feel the Burns 2018

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Lumphanan Detox 10k 2018

Take two spoonfulls of Lumphanan to avoid indigestion. Actually – it’s 10 you want, kilometres not spoonfulls - it’s the earliest UK race of its kind in the calendar year apparently. My Lumphanan’s been playing up over the Christmas period. No, that’s the weather, -2 on the thermometer with the golf-club car-park turned into an ice rink for some extra fun at the beginning of the day. A Lumphanan’s plumage is wonderfully thick and soft to the touch. Not quite, but it is a nice wee village in rural Aberdeenshire and a good venue for road run.  I’m looking forward to a dram of 10 year-old Lumphanan. Maybe there is such a thing, I didn’t check, but I was looking forward to my first race in a while.

Good course this one, lots of character as far as roads go. Plenty steep for the first 2.5km, then plenty down, a bit of flat through idyllic surroundings, a snowy, muddy farm-track hill climb and then a final dash through sketchily-icey streets for the finish.

My own performance was a dull affair – all went according to plan. Pushed hard from the start, never felt easy, got harder towards the end but only desperate for the last 400m.  I made up places on the up, kept them on the flat, lost them on the down and was happy with where I finished.

Definitely appreciated Christine and my parents shivering in the cold to cheer me on at the end.  

Particularly glad to see that I can still avoid looking good in photographs – more fag-end of a summer night-out than vigorous athleticism.

Here’s to 2018!

1)                 Robbie Simpson 31.33 (nearly 3.5 minutes faster than 2nd!)


6)    James Callender 35.28

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Christmas Handicap 2017

Dirty Tricks Rob JQ of Carbeth Triumph

A small-to-medium (though veering towards the smaller end on this occasion) group of Westies elite athletes ventured forth to Carbeth on 30th December for the usual nonsense. The nonet of members (8 runners plus Drew as official handicapper/timekeepr) faced snow, mud, rain, hailstones and flintstones as they battled the heights of Stockiemuir in the face of Storm Dylan. The answer, my friend, was indeed blowin' in the wind as Muffy headed off, followed in short order by Helen, Charlotte, John Hamer, John Quinn, Chris McKiddie, Dave C and finally Roddy Fleming, taking up the rear in scratch position.

Short odds were on JQ, dressed as Freddy Flintstone to take the title; with his iron-studded club to clobber any opposition, he had it nailed. However, some disgraceful skuldduggery by ex-Cap'n John H resulted in JQ taking the wrong turning, being halfway down to Strathblane before a sympathetic Muffy hailed him back onto the right course. This allowed Roddy to fly through from the back to catch Chris and steal the title, and the first prize box of maltesers.

What of the other members of this finest small-to-medium sized club in the west end of Glasgow? Perhaps they had taken advice from another Dylan song.

"Clouds so swift, Rains won't lift, Gate won't close, Railings froze, Get your mind off wintertime, You ain't going nowhere!"

After the race, the gathered athletes, feeling suitably superior and smug after their endeavours, retired to the Kirkhouse Inn for hot drinks.

Thanks to Drew for once again standing at the start line while the rest of us frolicked about.


Name.          Overall Time.         Actual Time

Roddy.           27:11.                    22:11

Chris McK.     27:25.                    22:55

Dave C.         29:32.                    24:47

John H.         29:52                     26:52

John Q          30:03.                    26:03

Charlotte.      31:01                     28:01

Muffy            31:03                     31:03

Helen.           31:30                    30:30

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Dunbartonshire XC Champs

17 Westies made the journey down to Balloch Castle Park for the Dunbartonshire XC Champs. 

The Guys ran a stormer with 2nd 3rd and 4th places and picking up 1st male team.

Gordy McCaffrey also did us proud with another 1st V60 prize. 

The ladies got 4th team and young Sarah Cordeaux was 8th lady. 

There was post race fun and games in the Westie gazebo when Andrew Fullwood was presented with a run every day for a year cake and we had a loud rendition of Happy Birthday for Cap’n Niall. 

Great day had by all. 

Our next XC outing is at Irvine Moorgor the West District Champs on the 9th December. 

Happy Birthday Cap’nAndrews RED Cake

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Westies 40th Anniversary Race

A great day out at the Westies 40th Anniversary Race. Below are the provisional results. 



Full Course        
Position First Name Surname Bib Cat Time
1 Gregor Stewart 146 M20 01:19:06
2 Thomas Callan 147 M20 01:19:13
3 Hamlin Robert 127 M20 01:25:36
4 Bellamy Gwyn 121 M20 01:26:34
5 Niall McAlinden 134 M20 01:26:35
6 Luke Arnott 140 M40 01:31:32
7 Flora Wharton 145 F20 01:35:17
8 Cunningham Roddy 124 M20 01:35:45
9 Marc Roper 167 M50 01:35:58
10 Macinnes Alasdair 128 M20 01:36:57
11 Andrew Mcbride 136 M40 01:38:19
12 Dan Watson 142 M40 01:40:11
13 Peter Melville 158 M20 01:41:54
14 Rudi Brabbs 165 M20 01:43:48
15 Ian Thurlbeck 156 M50 01:44:05
16 Ian Ferguson 152 M40 01:55:46
17 Susie Ranford 144 F20 01:56:02
18 Sarah Cordeaux 135 F20 01:56:04
19 Angus Bowman 149 M60 01:56:08
20 Furse Chris 126 M40 01:56:10
21 Butler Christopher 122 M20 01:56:12
22 Stuart Hawthorne 151 M40 01:56:29
23 Heather Simpson 160 F20 01:56:32
24 Alistair Boyer 155 M20 01:56:55
25 Paul Strachan 166 M60 02:00:14
26 Margo James 159 F50 02:00:16
27 Trevor Shaw 141 M50 02:03:08
28 Simon Mackay 129 M20 02:12:24
29 Isobel Graham 153 F50 02:13:05
30 Jenn Ruddick 161 F20 02:15:29
31 Rod Flemming 138 M20 02:15:58
32 Jean Bowman 150 F50 02:16:06
33 Fullwood Andrew 125 M50 02:16:45
34 Midgley Peter 130 M60 02:16:48
35 Charlotte Heath 139 F20 02:19:32
36 George Douglas 157 M50 02:26:31



 Short Course        
Position First Name Surname Bib Cat Time
1 Outi Kamarainen 154 F20 00:58:37
2 Michael Chadband 162 M20 01:00:59
3 Matt Ogston 131 M50 01:02:59
4 John Donnelly 143 M50 01:03:13
5 Yuri Goruppa 163 M20 01:03:46
6 Lucy Topalian 168 F20 01:08:52
7 Stanley Topalian 169 M20 01:08:54
8 Elizabeth Adams 133 F20 01:10:51


Please email with errors/omissions.

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