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Westerlands Cross Country Club

Westerlands is a small to medium-sized running club based in the west end of Glasgow.

The club specialises in hill and off-road running, and enjoys regular curry nights.


Club History

Westerlands Cross Country Club was founded by Bill Sheridan in 1977 for postgraduates of Glasgow University. The club therefore began life as an offshoot of Glasgow Uni Hares & Hounds, before branching out into hill and off-road running.

Westerlands takes its name from the old Glasgow University Sports Ground at Anniesland. This facility no longer exists since the playing fields were sold off to property developers in the mid 1990s.


Club Races

The club organises 6 hill races across central and southern Scotland.

Full details of all these races can be found at Scottish Hill Racing


Club Achievements

Special achievements by club members in recent years:


Active Club Members

Westerlands has more than 100 members who have actively participated in Scottish hill races since 2005.


Club Anthem

No club would be complete without a club anthem, and in our case The Westies Flag is Flying High!